Blog posts on this year’s event #2

12 08 2009

A few more blog posts for you. If you have written a post we’ve missed add it as a comment.


Parallel Sessions

Remote Participants



Blog posts on this year’s event #1

5 08 2009

Here’s a round up of the blog posts that have been written so far on this year’s Institutional Web Management Workshop. There’s probably a few more to come and we’ll put some more up next week. If you do write something please let us know.


Parallel Sessions


Webinars of parallel sessions

30 07 2009

This year IWMW have been working with Higher Ed Experts, who provide professional development and social networking online opportunities to higher education professionals working in Web, marketing, PR and admissions offices in America. Higher Ed Experts have links with the EduWeb conference, a similar conference to IWMW but held in over in the US. We have teamed up to offer a free special webinar series featuring 2 of this year’s parallel sessions.

The webinars are available from the Higher Ed Web site.

Workshop A2 (new): Using The Social Web To Maximise Access to Resources

24 07 2009

Unfortunately Colin Hamilton won’t be able to attend IWMW 2009 and so won’t be able to give his session on “Using Web Analytics“. I will be replacing Colin.

However rather than looking at Web analytics tools such as Google Analaytics in  my workshop session on “Using The Social Web To Maximise Access to Resources” I will be exploring how Social Web services (such as blogs, wikis, Twitter and Facebook) can be used to maximise access to resources and services.

The session will provide some evidence of the benefits of this approach and will explore ways in which metrics can be obtained and used. The session will also provide an opportunity to discuss some of the barriers to use of such services, including concerns that such services may be walled gardens, may be intended for social and not professional purposes and the tensions between individual and organisational use of such services.


19 07 2009

While at IWMW2009 try to make time to check out the iLab(Innovation lab) on the Colchester Campus.

This is:

an inspirational facility designed for group work, which transports users from their everyday environment into an extraordinary space encouraging creative thinking and problem solving.


Some of the resources include:

  • Tutor’s computer with Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word etc) & internet connection
  • Data projection of Tutor’s computer/ video on to drop down screen, overhead projector
  • Comfy chairs!
  • Childrens games, lego, play doh, art materials
  • CD player, DVD player
  • Whiteboards – Floor to ceiling whiteboards throughout
  • Digital camera, satellite TV/ radio, plasma screen displays
  • Visualiser projector
  • Slide projector / Flipchart

Three of the parallel sessions will run in the iLab:

So if you are booked on any of these you’ll get a chance to check the ILab out. If you aren’t attending any of these sessions contact the organising committee or the local organisers and they may be able to organise a tour for you.