The adoption of social media

30 07 2009

Jadu, sponsors of this year’s drinks reception, are offering institutions an opportunity to participate in research into use of social media. Why not take a look! Survey responses received before 6th September will win an iPod.

The adoption of social media is growing across all areas of society, including Higher Education. To gain a current picture of this emerging trend within Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across the UK, leading web content management provider, Jadu, is conducting an in-depth research study. An online survey will provide information to help investigate challenges faced in managing this new means of communication alongside social media’s impacts and benefits on established ways of working and communicating.


Jadu gave a BarCamp on this yesterday.


How to use mobile to engage with your staff, students and other nomads

27 07 2009

As Chameleon Net will be exhibiting at IWMW this year, we have the opportunity to present a BarCamp session. I’ve invited Carl Edwards, our CTO, to facilitate a BarCamp and share in his own words what the session will cover…

It’s easy in our industry to get carried away with new devices and new technology. We don’t just want to keep up with the latest trends, we want to use them.

I want to bring the focus back to people – and their goals.

Hence the concept of the nomad.

Nomads are people not settled in one specific place; but on the move – a characterisation that has always fitted the university life well.

Students flit from home, to the lecture hall, the library and the bar.

Staff research, teach and mentor from their offices, classrooms, and campuses.

Not forgetting prospective students, visiting lecturers, family, parents, and alumni all of whom have both a long term, personal but also transitory engagement with the university.

Here mobile technologies such as geo-tagging, mobile applications and websites, and even augmented reality solutions are a natural fit.

However, it is the people who are mobile, not the technology.

So, in this informal discussion I want us to look at different ways in which we can focus on your nomadic user’s goals to better engage with all the different groups that come into contact with your university.

Bringing a knowledge of your users and some interesting ideas would be useful, but not necessary. 😛

The BarCamps will run on Wednesday 29th July from 11am to 12:30pm, so look out for Chameleon Net in the exhibition / refreshment area and we’ll point you to where we’ll be running the BarCamp.

If there’s something you’d like to bring up before the BarCamp, leave a comment below and Carl will pick up on it either before or during the session. Alternatively, tweet me @surajshah

BarCamps and BarPicnics!

16 07 2009

Do you have something you are dying to tell fellow delegates about? Maybe a new technology you are trying out at your institution or a piece of software you are developing? What about a project you are currently working on or something you feel is going to be the next big idea (Google Wave, Google Voice, Google Android (!), Gliffy….?), Or even a discussion area you feel strongly about (music downloading, use of APIs) or a gadget you love (iPhone)?

Could you run a 25 minute BarCamp on it?

A BarCamp is really just a short, informal knowledge sharing session. Although official BarCamps usually involve an over night stay we are running 3 lots of 30 minute slots in one go (hence a BarPicnic!).

Further information is available from the IWMW BarCamp page.

If you are interested in running a BarCamp comment on this post or send your idea over to Marieke. The official sign up board will be available at the information desk in the Ivor Crewe foyer.