Feedback form online

30 07 2009

The IWMW evaluation form is now available online too for those who want to save time, can’t access it from the Web site (oops) or don’t have a paper copy.

Any suggestions on how we get feedback would be much appreciated


Feeding Back

28 07 2009

At IWMW we are really keen to hear what you think of the event. Your suggestions and feedback are what make it so successful.

There are lots of way you can offer up your ideas.

  • The easiest is using the evaluation forms (for the whole event and for your parallel sessions). These are available in your delegate packs and online. If possible we’d like to have these back before the end of the event – there will be boxes provided.
  • You can also write comments on the blog on areas that are discussed. We read all comments carefully and take suggestions on board.
  • You can chat to any of the organising committee about the event. We’re a friendly bunch and open to suggestions.

We’ll try to share a summary of your feedback with you as soon as possible after the event. We also share constructive feedback with speakers and facilitators.