Introduction: Kirsty McGill

22 07 2009

 Photo of Kirsty McGill

Hi, I’m Kirsty McGill and I will be the official live blogger for this year’s event. I will be twittering as @iwmwlive and lurking around with a Flip camera to ask people for interviews.

I am a digital writer, with a particular interest in social media. I met Brian Kelly through my work promoting the use of social networking tools in customer relations at Bath Bus Station, where I managed a portfolio of services to help passengers – including a popular Twitter feed. Since completing this project I have been investigating other creative uses for social media. You can find out more about my work at my website.

This is my first IWMW event and I am really looking forward to meeting everyone and tweeting with those who are participating from afar.  We’re going to be trying out several things to help amplify IWMW 2009, which will hopefully be both interesting and useful – so let us know what you think.  

See you there or online!


Introduction: Natasha Bishop and Michelle Smith

17 07 2009

michellenatashaNatasha Bishop and Michelle Smith are your friendly UKOLN events team and are responsible for ensuring that all delegates have enough biscuits and don’t get lost during the event!

Natasha and Michelle will be on the registration desk throughout the event to answer any “sensible” questions. If you want a quick answer we are easy to bribe with chocolate!

Introduction: Marieke Guy

12 07 2009

Marieke GuyI’m Marieke Guy. I’ve been with UKOLN for 9 years working on lots of different projects connected to the Web, organising stuff on the Web, preserving stuff on the Web, using Web tools and so on.

I’ve been attending IWMW since 2000 (the first one I signed up for was at the University of Bath), though I have had a few years off for maternity leave (the things people will do to get out of work!) After the Manchester IWMW Brian passed the role of chair over to me, in reality we co-chair the event. I do the majority of the organisation while Brian uses his great networking skills and rouses up the delegates! 😉

You’ll find me at IWMW 2009 in a pub that does good bar snacks!

Introduction: Brian Kelly

10 07 2009

Brian Kelly at IWMW2008I’m Brian Kelly.  I established the IWMW series of event back in 1997 and it has been running every year since them. A few years ago I passed responsibility for the event to my colleague Marieke Guy – so I’m happy to sit back and leave things to Marieke.

You’ll find me at IWMW 2009 in a real ale pub 🙂

More seriously I’m looking forward to the event once again. I’ve a particular interest in seeing how some of this year’s innovations work, such as the use of an official live blogger and the developer’s lounge, as well as the developments we’ve introduced in recent year’s such as the bar camp and the live video streaming of the plenary talks.