Top Tips for Newbies

24 07 2009

If this is your first Institutional Web Management Workshop at the moment it may seem a little daunting….


delegatesA lot of the IWMW crowd know each other really well and have been coming for many years, some also see each other regularly through local events (like the Scottish Web folk).

danceThat said every year there are lots of new people and us regulars are a really friendly bunch and always keen to welcome new sheep into the fold!

You don’t need to get out there running BarCamps, asking questions after every plenary or shouting out your opinions to get a lot out of IWMW (but if you want to then that’s fine too!)

Anyway here are some top tips for newbies. Experienced IWMWers might like to add some tips of their own.

Top Tips

  • Go along to the social events. They are the best way to meet people. There are only so many spaces available so someone will have to sit next to you! 😉
  • If you’ve got a lap top or mobile device have a go at Twitter. It’s a great way to make a comment without being too loud about it. Don’t forget to use the #iwmw2009 tag.
  • Try posting a comment on the blog as a painless way to introduce yourself.
  • If there is something your feel passionate about or something you’re proud of then why not add your suggestion to the list of barcamp proposals. This is an ideal opportunity to get yourself known without having to go through all the planning and preparation which the speakers and workshop facilitators volunteer for.
  • Say hello to Brian (he’s the sword dancer, not the morris dancer, in the photograph). He’ll introduce you to new people!
  • Chat to people in your parallel sessions. They’ve obviously got similar interests to you. Also have your say – the groups are fairly small (under 30) so it’s not as difficult to speak up as it is in the main lecture theatre
  • Have a few drinks, have a boogie and enjoy yourself. It’s not often work pay for you to have fun!
Brian and his morris dancing friend at IWMW2006, Bath

Brian and his morris dancing friend at IWMW2006, Bath