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7 08 2009

Thanks, lessons and warnings at the end of IWMW 2009…

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5 Minute Interview: David Mackland

31 07 2009

davidWho are you?
David Mackland

Where do you work and what do you do?
I manage the Web Team and the University of Abertay which consists of 3 fte staff. The centralised web team deliver all web content for internal and external consumption.

What are your main areas of interest?

Web2.0, Analytics, Coldfusion, T4 Sitemanager, Google Maps, Oracle APEX and Portal.

Are you working on anything exciting at the moment?
Yes – currently implementing a Web Content Management System and rebranding exercise for the Corporate Website which is due for launch in August.

Have you been to IWMW before?
Yes, I attended my IWMW08 in Aberdeen and took part in the innovation competition with Google Maps Mashup.

What was the best bit this year?
Paul Boag’s presentation on Making your killer applications… killer! – Some very useful information to act upon.

What did you take away?
Some excellent contacts and to built relations with neighbouring institutions to share ideas and experiences.

Will you do anything differently as a result of IWMW?
Will try to implement SCRUM or something similar. Will look at making my killer apps more proficient in Killing.

Quick Interview: Richard Sandford

31 07 2009

Quick Interview: David Williams

31 07 2009

Quick Interview: Peter Barnes

31 07 2009

Quick Interview: Paul Milne

30 07 2009

5 Minute Interview: Tara Lamplough

30 07 2009

TaraWho are you?
Tara Lamplough

Where do you work and what do you do?
I work at the University of Birmingham in the Web Services Team. My day-to-day work involves setting up new websites in our content management system and supporting the 500-600 web editors around the campus. I also develop training materials which are used by our web editors (documents, web pages and video clips).

What are your main areas of interest?
I’m mainly interested in the content, navigation, interactivity and management of websites. I have an appreciation of the technologies behind the scenes but I’m more interested in a website working effectively than what code is used.

Are you working on anything exciting at the moment?
Our entire web strategy is currently under review so there are exciting times ahead!

Have you been to IWMW before?
No – this is my first time. Colleagues from the team have attended previously and highly recommended it.

What are you hoping to get out of the event?
To be able to roughly benchmark where we are compared to other universities on our web provision. To meet people in similar jobs to see what similarities and differences there are between what we’re all trying to achieve. To pick up some exciting new ideas and maybe throw a few of my own into the discussion too.

What’s been the best bits so far?
Meeting so many people in the same boat!!!