Status of this Blog

About the IWMW 2009 Blog

The IWMW 2009 blog was used to support UKOLN’s IWMW 2009 event which was held at the University of Essex on 28-30 July 2009.

Policies on the Status of the Blog

Now that the event is over we are publishing this page in order to clarify the status of the blog.

  • The blog will continue to be hosted at for an indefinite period.
  • We do not intend to publish any significant new blog posts.
  • A sidebar widget has been installed which ensures that the status of the blog is visible on the blog’s home page.
  • A sidebar widget has been installed which provides links to key resources related to the IWMW 2009 event.

Statistics About the Blog

There had been 8,617 views of the blog according to the statistics up to 1 July 2010.  Up to this date there had been 68 posts published and 97 comments made (note that the comments may include automatically-generated track-backs from other blogs which link to the IWMW 2009 blog). The Akismet spam filter had trapped 91 spam comments. The busiest day was 31 July 2009 when there were 572 visits recorded by the administrator’s interface.

Marieke Guy, Kirsty McGill and Brian Kelly were the main contributors to the blog. In addition there were a small number of guest blog posts.  The blog contains a number of interviews with IWMW 2009 participants. These interviews are published either as conventional blog posts (e.g. see the 5 Minute Interview: Tara Lamplough) or using embedded video clips (e.g. see the Quick Interview: Paul Milne).

A summary of the usage statistics for the blog up until 1 July 12010 is shown below:

IWMW 2009 blog usage statistics

Note that there were 3,828 views in July 2009.

Technical Summary

The blog uses the Julien De Luca theme.

Sidebar widgets containing textual information, a search interface and a tag cloud of blog categories is currently provided. Additional widgets (e.g. for the event Twitter feed, calendar view of posts, …) were used but have now been removed.

The following services are used by the blog:

  • A number of video clips are embedded using Vimeo.
  • A number of slide presentations are embedded using Slideshare.
  • A Flickr widget is used to embed photographs in the sidebar.

Reflections on the Effectiveness of the Blog

Marieke Guy and Brian Kelly, the IWMW 2009 event organisers, feel that the blog provided a useful role in supporting the IWMW 2009 event.Evidence of this can be seen for the decision to make use of a WordPress blog for the IWMW 2010 events.

Backup of this Blog

The master copy of this blog is available online at

A backup copy of the blog was created using the WinHTTrack software.  This backup is held on the UKOLN Intranet. Note that this copy is not publicly available. The following summary about the backup was provided by the software:

HTTrack Website Copier/3.43-9 mirror complete in 11 minutes 1 seconds : 1395 links scanned, 1315 files written (11360017 bytes overall) [6435998 bytes received at 9736 bytes/sec], 8134173 bytes transfered using HTTP compression in 510 files, ratio 30%, 1.0 requests per connection

An additional export of the blog was made using the WordPress Export function. The XML file is available on the IWMW 2009 Web site hosted by UKOLN although this is not made publicly available.

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17 09 2010
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