Blog posts on this year’s event #2

12 08 2009

A few more blog posts for you. If you have written a post we’ve missed add it as a comment.


Parallel Sessions

Remote Participants



Blog posts on this year’s event #1

5 08 2009

Here’s a round up of the blog posts that have been written so far on this year’s Institutional Web Management Workshop. There’s probably a few more to come and we’ll put some more up next week. If you do write something please let us know.


Parallel Sessions


(Southampton) Developers of the World Unite

1 08 2009

On the final morning Mike Ellis offered us some thoughts on how developers can get together to share ideas and ‘get away from the treacle’. From BarCamps and Mashups, to Geek Dads and Pecha Kucha nights.

Have a go

We’re always asking you what you’re going to differently after you get home from IWMW. We don’t want you to just feel inspired and fired up, we want you to use what you’ve learnt to change the way you work.

In a very impressive example of speedy action Chris Gutteridge is having a go at organising a Southampton Developers Group. The short-term plan is for local developers to meet up for a drink, long-term he’d like to have a go at a hack day.

Chris says….

I’ve been waiting for years for somebody to set up a developers social group in Southampton. The session on the last day really rubbed in the fact that (a) it would be easy and (b) I should just sodding do it myself.

So I’ve set up a google group, a hashtag #sodev, put the word out on twitter.

I’ve spoken to a pub who can provide wifi etc. Biggest worry there is how to provide some power leads without trip hazards.

I’m now slightly worried that it could be too popular… In Southampton area we’ve got 2 universities, the SpecSavers developers, IBMers, Roke Manor Research, and the Ordinance Survey just off the top of my head.

I used google groups as a feel some developers may have a bit of hatred for being in facebook groups. I’ll see what community I get and what they want. I suspect that people will want to have a facebook group to get event invites (facebook’s actually useful bit).

If you are interested in joining up with Chris sign on to the Google group.

Slides on Slideshare

28 07 2009

We’ll make sure that we get all the plenary talks slides linked to from the talk abstracts as soon as possible.

We’re also encouraging speakers and parallel session facilitators to link their slides to the IWMW2009 Slideshare event.

Live Coverage

28 07 2009

netvibesIf you are attending IWMW 2009 remotely, you can find all the live coverage collected at our NetVibes page.  This includes the live video streaming of the event, the Cover It Live feed with all of the official tweeting, pictures, videos, slides and the complete programme for the event.  This gives you everything you will need to watch (and participate!) in this year’s event online.

Cover It Live will feature all of the Twitter activity throughout the event, but also allows you to comment if you don’t have a Twitter account – so if you are not a Twitterer you won’t be excluded from the commentary!  This will also give us a complete record of the event that you can play through at a later date, so if you are temporally challenged as well as geographically challenged you can still effectively attend the event and find out what was being said.

We will be tagging all tweets, photos videos and other online resources with the #iwmw2009 tag.  There will also be tags for each session (for example: plenary 1 will use the #p1 tag) so we can differentiate between parallel sessions and provide a bit more context for the comments without eating into the character count for those Twittering.  We hope that this will help remote participants home in on the sessions that are most of interest to them, just like the live participants can.

Look out for more details about our experiments in amplification as the event progresses!

Use of Twitter at IWMW 2009

26 07 2009

We’ll be encouraging use of Twitter at IWMW 2009 in order to enrich discussions of the plenary talks and to help delegates to get to know each other. In addition Kirsty McGill will act as the official live blogger, keeping a record of the plenary talks. We feel this may be particularly useful for the remote audience watching the talks on the video streaming.

The hashtag for the event is “#iwmw2009”.  Twitter posts with this tag will be integrated with the official IWMWlive blog posts (which will be published by the iwmwlive Twitter account). In addition the IWMW Twitter account will be used for admin purposes – so if we find a set of keys, as happened last year, we are likely to announce this on the IWMW Twitter channel.

If you wish to refer to a specific plenary talk or workshop session, we have defined a hashtag for each of the plenary talks (#p1 to #p9) and workshop session (#a1-#a9, #b1-#b4 and #c1 to #c5). These are listed on the list of plenary talks and workshop sessions. We appreciate that this may appear over-complicated, but note that use of these hashtags are optional; they have been provided as a means of disambiguating tweets if this is felt to be useful.

There is one plenary talk in which the Twitter channel will form a essential component of the talk.  James Currall, in his talk on “What is the Web?” wishes to include a live display of tweets related to his talk. In order to ensure that this live display isn’t cluttered up with other comments, the tag “#iwmw-p4” should be used if you want your tweets to appear on the display. Note if you have space you could also use the “#iwmw2009” tag to ensure your tweet is included with other event tweets.

Twitterwall display of iwmw tweetsWe intend to use the Twitterfall service to display tweets containing this tag.  An example of this service is illustrated.

Also note that we intend to archive the various posts containing the “#iwmw2009” tag as well as the tweets from the iwmw and iwmwlive Twitter accounts. We are using a number of services to do this, including the backupmytweets service which stores the tweets in HTML, XML and JSON formats. We will be happy to make this data freely available if any developers would like to use this data in any creative way!

Flickr your Photos

25 07 2009

When you search Flickr using ‘iwmw2008’ there are currently 751 results. These include photos of the plenary talks, of the workshop sessions, of the social event, the venue, the dinners, Aberdeen and of course you guys!

Search on iwmw2008 Flickr photos using Tag Galaxy (

Search on iwmw2008 Flickr photos using Tag Galaxy (

Taking and sharing photos is a great way to make the IWMW effect last even longer!

If you are putting your photos on Flickr remember to use the iwmw2009 tag and have a think about making them available under a Creative Commons licence so they can be reused in exciting ways after the event (such as the Animoto video).