Bag Preview

27 07 2009

The IWMW organising committee are now on site and packing your delegate bags. Here’s a quick preview.


Excited yet?




6 responses

27 07 2009
Gareth McAleese

Hmmmm, what about a pic with it open 🙂

27 07 2009
Peter Barnes

Padded sleeve for laptop/netbook or should I hold on to my 2007 vintage bag?

27 07 2009
David Williams

I’m going with the vintage look.

28 07 2009

Showing it open would ruin the surprise!

28 07 2009
Paul Milne

2007 bag is the best, I brought it along this year. How about asking people when they sign up if they want a new bag (with an earlier preview)?

30 07 2009
michael wilcox

Can I just say (after the event) that I loved this year’s bag.

Was it as good as last year’s or the year before? Well, in term of features – no. However, do I really need to have another new bag every year? What happens to the 2008 bag if the 2009 one has more pockets, better zips, funkier velcro? 2008 goes in the bin, and plastic zips etc are not biodegradable.

This bag is great! Not a single piece of plastic – the whole thing seems to be biodegradable ( If you don’t like it, you can chuck it, and there’s minimal impact.

I don’t need a conference/workshop to provide a padded bag for my laptop – I’ve already got one! Do I need a bag with loads of pockets? Not for a three day conference. My daughter uses the 2007 bag every time we go on a long trip; the features (multiple pockets) are something she loves. But I’ve only got so many kids (2 or 3), so am running out of people I can donate surplus bags to.

So overall, I give this year’s bag a massive thumbs up. It’s suggested that Universities should cut their carbon ( and I think this applies to us conference go-ers too. Changing the attitude about the bags is a small but important part of the jigsaw.


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