RSS Feeds For IWMW 2009

26 07 2009

A number of RSS feeds are provided on the IWMW 2009 Web site. As might be expected the news page has a corresponding news feed. But in addition for use with news alerts RSS feeds have been created to allow or the syndication and reuse of various structured lists of resources. These include:

  • Information about the plenary talks is available as an RSS file. The file contains the title of the talk, a link to a page about the talk, a description of the talk and the date and time of the start of the talk.
  • Information about the workshop sessions is available as an RSS file. The file has a similar structure to that for the plenary talks.
  • Information about the plenary speakers and event organisers is available as an RSS file. The file contains the speaker’s name, biographical details and, for speakers based at a higher educational institution, the location of the institution.
  • Information about the workshop facilitators is available as an RSS file. The file should contain similar information to that provided for the speakers, although at the time of writing this may not yet be complete.

As this information is available as HTML pages you may wonder what the point of providing the information in RSS is. Well RSS is a more interoperable format, which can be processed by software, as opposed to HTML which, is better suited for processing and display for humans. To illustrate how these RSS resources can be used have a look at the location map for the plenary speakers and organisers at this year’s event and a similar map of the workshop facilitators. The thing that strikes me is that although the former map show representations from the north and south of England together with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the workshop facilitators are all from the south of England, with the sole exception of one session which has two facilitators from Bradford. Why is this, I wonder? (Note that for consistency with previous years location details have – mostly- only been provided for those based at higher educational institutions).

A similar set of RSS feeds have been provided for the past few years of IWMW events. Might these RSS resources be of interest to the developers at IWMW 2009, I wonder?




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26 07 2009
James Currall

Fascinatingly, from the Geo-map of speakers, clicking on James Currall in my browser, shifts the map to centre somewhere between The Faroes and Shetland. I assume that this is an intentional behaviour and will spend the next day or two refecting on what message Brian is trying to convey:-)

27 07 2009
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