Do You Have A Tip To Share?

25 07 2009

There are 200 participants at this year’s institutional Web management workshop. Imagine if each participants shared just one tip or piece of advice on something that helps them do their work more effectively – what a valuable resource that could be. And, as with those social networks which get better as the numbers of participants increases, if we each spend just a minute or so sharing our tips, we would gain more than we put it.  A pyramid scheme which is ethical and could work!

My advice:

Add the RSS feed for blogs you might useful to your RSS reader. And also add the RSS feed for the blog comments. For this blog the two feeds are for the blog contents and the comments. And if you have a mobile device install an RSS reader so that you can read the posts and comments if you are stuck on  slow-moving bus or train to work!

Have you something to share?




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25 07 2009
Mike Nolan

Another RSS one: subscribe to the feed from Twitter Search for reference to IWMW:

Using the boolean operators means you pick up more references and you don’t want # or @ to get the maximum number of results.


26 07 2009

Probably something everyone knows about but I’ve found Twitterfeed really useful. This is a way to link your blog to your Twitter account and send a tweet whenever you write a post. Particularly useful if you’ve scheduled posts and want people to hear about them but are busy doing something else (like me – I work part-time). I’ve used Twitterfeed for this blog and it seems to have worked well.


28 07 2009
Kevin Mears

How about a collective delicious account that people can add URLs to? I’ve already found myself reccommending/asking for URLs when talking to people.

Obviously, people would have to remember to post them up in a post pub state of mind – but you might also get a nice tag cloud.

Just a thought

28 07 2009
Mike Nolan

Just add a tag of iwmw2009 and you can search for that across all users.

28 07 2009
Kevin Mears

Doh! good man.

I reckon I’ll get the hang of this 2.0 nonsense someday

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