Developer’s Lounge at IWMW 2009

24 07 2009

Mike Nolan will be facilitating the Developer Lounge Show and Tell session on the final morning of IWMW 2009. Tony Hirst has already encouraged developers at the event to engage in half-hour hacking sessions? Will there be another song and dance routine? After all, the precedent was  set last year. Let’s hear from Mike.

You know how much Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer loves developers, right? In case you don’t, this is how much he loves them…

That was just one of Steve’s performances which went viral a couple of years ago, even spawning music videos. I’m thinking of introducing the day 3 morning session by jumping around on stage like a monkey and shouting “I LOVE THE IWMW”! On second thoughts, maybe that’s not the best idea the morning after the drinks reception!

I have the honour of chairing a session dedicated to giving a bit of love to the oft-misunderstood developers. First up there’s a plenary talk by Michael Smethurst and Matthew Wood from the BBC. It probably won’t surprise anyone that we (as I’m sure is the case with most other HEIs) often look to the Beeb for inspiration and to lead the way on technologies that are ready to adopt for the masses.

Then before you’re allowed to inject any more caffeine, there is the developers lounge show and tell. The hope is that this will give the opportunity to demonstrate to managers all the cool stuff that would be possible if only they didn’t have developers to work on all that boring stuff they’re forced to do.

My hope is that after all this, you’ll be inspired to go back to work, tell your developers how much you love them and really push what you make for the web!

Mike Nolan is Head of Web Services at Edge Hill University where he is responsible for development of external Web sites and a portal service for staff and students.

Michael regularly posts about HE web development topics on the Edge Hill Web Services blog and is a regular participant (and hence speaker!) at BarCamps around the country.

Mike can be contacted using His Twitter id is MikeNolan.




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