Amplification of IWMW 2009

23 07 2009

This year’s Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW 2009) is the largest ever with 200 registered delegates.  But in addition to those who will be physically present at the University of Essex we will also be amplifying the event, to allow a remote audience to view the plenary talks and take part in the discussions.

The video service will be hosted on University of Essex Web site. Further information about the video streaming and the accompanying live blogging (which will be provided by the iwmwlive Twitter account and a CoveriItLive service) is available on the IWMW 2009 Web site.

The IWMW event has been amplified since 2005, when we used an IRC channel to support discussions during the event. Since then we have experimented with a variety of technologies. This year, however, we are looking to move on from such experimentation and are aiming to treat the remote participants as first class citizens who will be treated on par with the local audience.

If the plenary talks are of interest to you, please feel free to view the video stream and participate in the discussions.




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