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17 07 2009

At IWMW 2008 we set up a Ning social network to support the event. This allowed participants to sign up and contribute to the discussions – and over 80 participants did. This year we are making use of this blog as the focal point for activities in the run-up to the event, which will complement the main IWMW 2009 Web site (the focal point for official information).


We’d like to provide an opportunity for participants to introduce themselves on this blog. In order to avoid people having to request a username and password for the blog we suggest that you can do this by adding a comment to this post.

So why not, for example, say where you work and what you hope to get out of IWMW 2009 or some of the issues you hope will be addressed.




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17 07 2009
Simon Marshall

Hi! I’m the Web Development Officer at Aberystwyth University in west Wales. I’ve been to a few IWMWs so I’ve got an idea what to expect. If I’m honest the bit I’m looking forward to the most is networking with other webby people. They say a problem shared is a problem halved, but at IWMW there’s the opportunity to slice it up even smaller than that.

17 07 2009

Hi, Paul Milne here, demonstrating the power of the RSS feed, caught this post going up and am on it like a slug on lettuce!

Web and Documentation officer at EDINA, this will be my (mumble)th IWMW, and am looking forward to seeing Colchester … and you lot as well!

17 07 2009
Dawn Petherick

Hi, I’m Web Services and Digital Library Manager at the University of Birmingham. This will be my second IWMW – like Simon one of the main benefits for me is networking – sharing what we’re doing, putting faces to names and catching up with what projects folk are working on etc.

Looking forward to it!

17 07 2009
Jeremy Speller

Always enjoy IWMW and for once will not have to travel hundreds of miles to get there! Looking forward to my workshop session with Russell Allen – about which more tweets, emails and posts to follow. Keep on webbing…

17 07 2009
Suraj Shah | Chameleon Net

Hi all – I’m looking forward to attending this year’s IWMW as a delegate. I have never been to one before but have heard great things about it from web managers who have previously attended and from last year’s IWMW Ning group.

Based in London, my role at Chameleon Net is to be the commercial contact with our clients in the Higher Education sector.

My colleagues and I consult on digital marketing & communications strategy, social media campaigns, back-end to front-end technology integration, the mobile web and augmented reality.

Amongst other more technical areas, we consult universities who are looking to digitally attract, engage with and recruit students (domestic & international) and those keen to protect their institution’s online reputation.

As Chameleon Net is a full-service web agency (design, web dev, hosting, online marketing & consultancy), it’s my responsibility to learn about where the gap in a university’s in-house technical expertise exists so that we can supplement in-house talent with our experience of the web.

The key limitation here is my lack of FULL understanding about where universities need additional technical or strategic support, so I’m attending in anticipation that other friendly delegates at IWMW will be happy to help me to bridge that gap.

Although I can only make it for the first two days (I have a family wedding to attend on the Thursday), I get the feeling it’ll be a great event.

Do touch base in the next few weeks – you can reach me on Twitter @surajshah – I look forward to spending time with everyone there.

With warmth,

17 07 2009
Mike Nolan

I’m the no-longer-acting Head of Web Services at Edge Hill University. Essex will be my third IWMW and I’m looking forward to lots of exciting sessions and discussion with fellow HE web people.

17 07 2009
Richard M. Davis

Hi all. I’m at University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) Digital Archives department, managing or contributing to various web projects and services, dealing with repositories, preservation, archives, libraries and e-learning. I enjoyed working with Brian and Marieke on the JISC-PoWR web preservation project last year (and getting a taste of IWMW), and this led to a new JISC project, ArchivePress, looking at archiving blogs – which is why I’m hosting a Practical Blog Preservation workshop at IWMW. See you there 🙂

20 07 2009
Deborah Fern

Hi everyone. I’m the web manager for the University of Derby and it will be both my first time in Colchester and my first ever IWMW, so I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people.

20 07 2009
Chris Limb

I’m Information Delivery Manager for IT Services at the University of Sussex, which means I’m responsible for getting information about IT out to the students, staff and anyone else who is interested. This is mainly via the web, although we produced printed documentation too and recently expanded the use of digital signage.

This will be my eleventh IWMW!

20 07 2009
Keith Brooke

Hello everyone. I’m Keith Brooke, Web and Learning Technology Manager at the University Essex. I’ve been to most of the IWMWs over the years, and always push it as the one essential event our web people should attend. Great to be hosting it at Essex, this year!

If anyone has any questions before the event, feel free to ask – either before IWMW or during it. We’ll have a bunch of local web people dotted around to provide help, or just a friendly chat if you’re new to all this and don’t know people.

20 07 2009

Afternoon IWMWers. Looking forward to attending the workshop and twittering away in the background as per normal. Introducing my colleague Joe Nicholls who’s going to be giving a plenary talk on Wednesday morning, by the timer we’ve finished “cor and chore” will have a new meaning for you.

All the best.

20 07 2009
Andrew Frayling

Wotcha peeps – I’m Web Services Development Manager for Cardiff University and this will be my first time attending IWMW – so be gentle with 🙂

Also, working with both David Harrison and Joe Nicholls and having seen their “core and chore” session several times I can promise you won’t be disappointed.

20 07 2009
Kevin Mears

Hello world.

I’m a Web Developer at the University of Glamorgan and looking forward to my first IWMW. I’ve already heard lots of good things about these events, and will be coming on my own – so no excuse not to get out and network!

21 07 2009
coli hamilton

hope u all have a great time at iwmw this year.
I’ve had 2 pull out due to broken collar bone and arm.
Maybe do my analytics workshop next year …better start preparing now 😉

Will be thinking of you all !

21 07 2009

Hi, I’m David Mackland – @dmackland. I’m a Senior Information Specialist responsible for the Web Team hear at the University of Abertay in Dundee. I’m currently leading a project to implement a Web Content Management System and implement a redesign of our corporate website. This is due for launch in August :-0

I attended IWMW08 in Aberdeen last year and am looking forward to another excellent set of sessions plus the valuable networking. See you next week.

21 07 2009
Emma Smith

Hi, I am the (new) Web Content Specialist at The University of Northampton and this will be my first IWMW. I’m really looking forward to meeting lots of new people and sharing ideas. Colleagues have attended previous IWMWs and recommended it, and another colleague is coming this year.

21 07 2009
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23 07 2009
Mark Eyles

Hi everyone

Im Mark and I am one of the sales guys at Squiz (you may have heard of us you may have not- depends if I have phoned and nagged you in the past)

We work extensively in the Higher Education Sector using our own Open Source CMS Solution MySource Matrix.

This is my first event exhibting here so not really sure what to expect, but should be an interesting one.

Pop to our stand and say hello if your free

23 07 2009
Naomi Pettitt

Hi all,

I’m Naomi, one of the account managers at Siteimprove. We are a web management tools company supplying a range of hosted services to the public sector. We’ve recently started working with a number of universities and colleges so it’s great to be learning about what the real priorities are in the education sector.

Myself and colleagues David McCormick, Cerri Mac and Natalie Pressman are really excited to be attending the IWMW 2009. It sounds like a great event that people love coming back to year after year. We will have a stand in the exhibition area so come and say hi.

24 07 2009
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27 07 2009
Kate Lin

Hi there, I’m Kate Lin (@kateluisalin), Web Manager at the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. Colleagues at the other Research Councils have told me how useful IWMW is, though this is my first. I’m just implementing our first ever CMS (to launch in just a couple of weeks!) and am looking forward to meeting new people and swapping stories.

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