5 Minute Interview: Casper Jelly

17 07 2009

Casper JellyWho are you?
My name’s Casper Jelly, I’m 28 and I live London.

Where do you work and what do you do?
I work for Christ the King Sixth Form College and I am their Web Development Manager. Most of my work involves software development for the web, liaising with staff and students to produce and improve our bespoke learning/information systems, as well as providing integration with our other third-party solutions.

What are your main areas of interest?
At work I’m interested in attention to detail, streamlining processes, well-formed markup, web accessibility, user interfaces, customisation/personalisation and multimedia.

Are you working on anything exciting?

Recently I’ve been seeing how far we can push SharePoint (WSS), setting up our new web server (including our first Moodle site), and preparing for the introduction of a new MIS with its own web front-end. Over the summer I’ll be looking at creating some accessible Flash, reorganising/reassessing our use of various JavaScript libraries we’ve started to use recently and finishing up our new student workspace application.

Have you been to IWMW before?
I’ve never been to IWMW before but am glad I found out about it in time to book – it looks like it could be the most relevant event out there for me.

What are you hoping to get out of the event?
I’m hoping IWMW will allow me to poke my head above my work for a while and get a good deal of exposure to what others are up to in the
community. As it’s all new to me I look forward to finding out what
else might come out of it.




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