BarCamps and BarPicnics!

16 07 2009

Do you have something you are dying to tell fellow delegates about? Maybe a new technology you are trying out at your institution or a piece of software you are developing? What about a project you are currently working on or something you feel is going to be the next big idea (Google Wave, Google Voice, Google Android (!), Gliffy….?), Or even a discussion area you feel strongly about (music downloading, use of APIs) or a gadget you love (iPhone)?

Could you run a 25 minute BarCamp on it?

A BarCamp is really just a short, informal knowledge sharing session. Although official BarCamps usually involve an over night stay we are running 3 lots of 30 minute slots in one go (hence a BarPicnic!).

Further information is available from the IWMW BarCamp page.

If you are interested in running a BarCamp comment on this post or send your idea over to Marieke. The official sign up board will be available at the information desk in the Ivor Crewe foyer.




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