Introduction: Marieke Guy

12 07 2009

Marieke GuyI’m Marieke Guy. I’ve been with UKOLN for 9 years working on lots of different projects connected to the Web, organising stuff on the Web, preserving stuff on the Web, using Web tools and so on.

I’ve been attending IWMW since 2000 (the first one I signed up for was at the University of Bath), though I have had a few years off for maternity leave (the things people will do to get out of work!) After the Manchester IWMW Brian passed the role of chair over to me, in reality we co-chair the event. I do the majority of the organisation while Brian uses his great networking skills and rouses up the delegates! 😉

You’ll find me at IWMW 2009 in a pub that does good bar snacks!




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22 07 2009
The IWMW 2009 Blog « UK Web Focus

[…] launched on 10 July. Since them the blog has published introductions from UKOLN’s organisers (Marieke Guy, Natasha Bishop and Michelle Smith and myself), provided a multimedia record of last year’s […]

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