Introduction: Brian Kelly

10 07 2009

Brian Kelly at IWMW2008I’m Brian Kelly.  I established the IWMW series of event back in 1997 and it has been running every year since them. A few years ago I passed responsibility for the event to my colleague Marieke Guy – so I’m happy to sit back and leave things to Marieke.

You’ll find me at IWMW 2009 in a real ale pub 🙂

More seriously I’m looking forward to the event once again. I’ve a particular interest in seeing how some of this year’s innovations work, such as the use of an official live blogger and the developer’s lounge, as well as the developments we’ve introduced in recent year’s such as the bar camp and the live video streaming of the plenary talks.




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23 07 2009
Half Hour Hacks at IWMW09 « IWMW2009 Blog

[…] Tweet when you start, tweet when you finish (with a link to a working demo), and then we can lobby Brian for a prize for the quickest’n'useful-est half-hour hacks of the […]

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